The company

With many years of collaboration with the seed supplier Schoneveld Breeding and the plant supplier Vollebregt, we are capable of developing a wide range of new varieties with magnificent colours and special plant characteristics. On a cultivation surface area of four hectares, the nursery produces some 500,000 Cyclamens annually in two different varieties: Super Serie Picasso and the new Super Serie Petticoat.

The WPS plant classification system, which ensures maximum oversight in colour and variety, can call down orders from the greenhouse in any desired composition. The sales activities take place via the company’s own sales team, Decorum Plants and via Personal Sales Department of Royal FloraHolland.

The Environment

We care for products & the environment by:
• Energy-efficient cultivation using geothermal energy and CHP
• Recycling packaging and cultivation materials
• Use of natural crop protection, such as insects
• Efficient use of water and sustainable heat sources
• Ensuring the safety of all staff within the family business, providing permanent contracts and high job satisfaction

Our Cyclamen are:
• Maximum sustainably grown: MPS A+, SQ, Quality and GAP
• 100% transparent with MPS-ProductProof
• Fully compliant with FSI (Floriculture Sustainable Initiative) guidelines.
• New with Decorum FEEL Green Sustainability Label